About us

We design, develop, produce, program and install production automation systems.

While working in various sectors we implement our own experience in automation field orienting to a long-term perspective.

Thanks to high-quality certified personnel, project management and support service in a format 24/7 we offer excellence getting of the work done while design and implementation and after-sales servicing as well.

  • Our engineers have permit for electrical technical work over 1000 volts

  • Flexible approach to solving any challenges of clients

  • We have more than 5 years of experience in automation system installation all over Estonia

  • Full warranty and after-sales service

  • We are focused on long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners and customers

  • In our projects we use equipment that has been known as the best one in the global market


What can we do for you?

automation devices selection and delivery
PLC programming
Production processes analysis
Frequency converters and soft starters adjustment
Automation systems installation and maintenance
Automation systems design
Equipment repair

How effective is your production equipment?

PlantM production monitoring system is designed for monitoring and analysis of production processes. This system allows you to keep an automatic record of the manufactured products and monitor production data in real time with an assessment of the overall equipment effectiveness (ОЕЕ).

Advantages of using the program:

production on-line monitoring
productivity increase
business profit increase




The main areas of modern industrial robot applications:


material handling




Advantages of use:

short payback period

elimination of the influence of the human factor on the conveyor production, as well as during the monotonous work requiring high precision

improving the accuracy of technological operations and, as a result, improving the quality

the possibility of using technological equipment in three shifts, 365 days a year

efficient use of production facilities

exclusion of the impact of harmful factors on personnel in industries with increased danger



Reg. number: 12342585